ash wednesday

i’m walking around smugly sporting my ashen cross on my forehead (better than an L).   such a cool christian…that’s me.  actually, i’m very excited about the next 40 days, not only because i love easter and its music, but because i have notified the church that i’m outta there after 4/24.   i want my week-ends back.  it’s been rather disappointing, but i’ve enjoyed every minute at the keyboards, which is why i’m there.  sooo….

it’s time to start seeds.  i’ve inventoried my supplies and am drawing up plans for the spring.   i’m thrilled to set the time forward this week-end, even though i know i’ll have to adjust to the earlier rising.   i’m dusting off the camera and getting back to the garden blog soon, also.  i’m ready….

we’ve got the bathroom mostly finished.   3 companies have given us estimates for air-conditioning so we can take the ugly unit from the window.   after that, i can get some permanent window covering and we’ll really be done.  i love my new shower.  there’s still lots and lots of clean-up,  but i’m ready to stop inside and get outside.  11 days till spring!!!

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