mardi gras

when i was a little girl, my dad would sing the lyrics of “jambalaya” thusly:  good-bye, Doe, me gotta go, me oh myo.  me gotta go see Baby Doe down on the bayou…. i really believed the song was about me…  at any rate, by the time i figured out the “me got to go pole the pirogue down the bayou” part i was well into my 20’s and had heard many versions of it.  it’s still one of my favorite songs—and my rendition isn’t bad, either (if you ask my grandkids). 

 i’m cooking up my version of jambalaya (the  food), hot and hot, to celebrate another fat tuesday;  spending one last night in wanton gluttony before starting the lenten season and its obligatory discipline. 

my mardi gras won’t be a fais do do, but i’m feeling joie de vivre, so laissez les bon temps rouler!!!

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