ooh, i would make a terrible buddhist…i’m waayy too attached to my stuff.    poor husband has carried innumerable boxes of sh** downstairs, while i keep a pile of  “can’t sell” items that grows every time i walk through the room.  he’s got his own “collections”, but seems to be more willing than i to part with them.  (for now)  while we’re nowhere near being hoarders, we’ve accumulated many things over the years that we keep for no more reason than that we might use it/need it someday….you know, Some Day. 

i’ve tried to pretend that i’m moving, down-sizing, but i know there’s some space left up in the attic….sooo, i’ll schlepp it back upstairs for a while….

week-end wrap-up

i’m up and back into the scrubs, headed to school to administer the magic crackers to the 20% of kids who believe.   8 more weeks…

we’ve nearly emptied the attic, preparing for this saturday’s rummage sale and clearing space for the new a/c.  stuff we’re not selling:  boxes and boxes of our kids’ mementos, carefully placed in manila envelopes and marked with the school-year;  2 boxes of my memories, dating back to 7th grade;  old linens, embroidered by grandmother mayne.   there’s plenty of junk, though. 

the weather has been nasty and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get in any big hurry to warm up, even by saturday, but this stuff will be on the porch and tagged and outta here by next sunday evening. 

oh, breaking news:  TLC at darmstadt formally hired me and i’m thrilled to stay on until they get things straightened out up there.  i’ve got to get some music planned for easter, my favorite church music holiday and am verry excited about the prospect. 

my seeds are sprouting and i’m determined to get them to the next stage…sweet william, basil, zucchini and yellow sqash are all showing their lovely limbs.  and the magnolia was undaunted by the snow…


i stopped at boot city on the way up to michael’s on monday.  i’ve probably passed by the place a hundred times, coming and going, but this was my first visit.  right off, you should know that there’s more than boots there—clothes, sauces, blankets, and even wagon wheel furniture straight out of the trailer.  when i finally made my way back to the boot section, i followed the call of a particular size 7 pair….

positively emmylou--or spiderman

 i’m more than a little bit awed by the power of red cowgirl boots….



just heading up the road about 4 hours to lafayette for a visit shouldn’t entail a cargo van, should it?  it seems i could have just thrown a change of clothes, some toiletries, and my camera into a bag and lit out at daylight….  ookay, 5 bags later— clothes, hair stuff, make-up;  camera; books;  laptop; purse— it’s almost 10am (11 olivia’s time) and i’m almost ready to leave.  it’s tough being a rockstar without a crew.   it’s a beautiful day for a drive and i can hardly wait to see olivia.  

random picture of daffodils


waxing gibbous moon, 98% full, 3/17/11

the moon got caught in the branches of the tree last night, but it wiggled its way out and will go on to a huge completion tomorrow…closest to earth in 18 years…signal to all of us to shake off whatever is holding us back and move into a new season.  or that’s my take on it….

i’ve got some plans for spring break now and can hardly wait!!!

happy st. paddy day

i’ve always been a little skeptical of the “luck of the irish” seeing as how their history is a bit tragic….but no doubt they’ve approached their drama with humor, to say nothing of some good whisky.  my great-great-great grandfather was born in ireland and came to the usa in around 1836,  settling in southern illinois and raising their family with a very strict, almost puritan, protestant ethic.  so i missed out on the great irish-catholic  tradition of honoring st. patrick with drinking and songs, though i certainly have adopted it.   here’s my annual irish blessing, heartfelt and sincere:

These things I warmly wish for you:

Someone to love, some work to do,

A bit o’ sun, a bit o’ cheer

And a guardian angel always near. 

Erin go bragh!!!