just another….

this birthday party-ing has worn me out and puffed me up.  bbq, burritos, and bourbon have conspired with gravity to assault my mid-section.  to compound the complaints, i’ve got considerable pain from a broken tooth/bridge.  arrgghh…  the birthday binge is officially over today and i’m packing my gym bag, checking in with my fitness pal.  the dentist filled up his emergency appointments before i got the call in, so they’ll keep me on the cancellation list and i’ll have to call again in the a.m.  you’d think the painful tooth thing would curb my eating, but no…

i got my taxes filed..yay.  i have finally marked off everything on last week’s to-do list and have replaced it with this weeks’ version.  the bathroom walls have their first coat of drywall mud and a new mess will ensue;  casey broke the top of the toilet, so i guess i’m getting a new toilet, too.   i have to get serious about paint color, but that sounds like fun. 

hope you have some fun things to do this week, too.

One thought on “just another….

  1. ali

    oh, auntie…..did i miss you birthday? that is what i get for staying offline and off of facebook. i have only been getting on once a week or so, and i am really missing out on alot of info. so sorry!!!!!! happy belated birthday. i love you.


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