what day is it??

2 weeks away from my routine is just enough time to get myself totally disoriented and out-of-sync.  despite getting right back to work, i’m feeling more than a little dissociated–part of me is still there–and i’m not sure where the other part is, but if you see it somewhere, send it on home.  adding to the disturbance:  while i was gone, casey demolished our old shower and put in a new one.  it was about 3/4 done when i got back saturday and he worked non-stop sunday and monday so that i could take a shower this morning.  the mess is overwhelming.  there’s thick dust all over the floors and furniture;  piles of tools are littering the bathroom and my clothes-closet;  the demolition revealed black insulation, worn studs.  after finishing a ton of laundry, i don’t know where to put it.  i can’t get motivated to clean, using the fact that we still have to drywall as my excuse…

usually, i would have started last week to reflect on my upcoming birthday, mulling and brooding over my past, present, and future.  i normally  would have planned some sort of escape from the normal, but with no normal to escape, what’s a girl to do? 

so we’ll make tomorrow a new start, dusty as i may be.  get ready to celebrate, friends, and enjoy my birthday as if we were together—and i truly wish we were….

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