live (sort of) from new york

eliza is perfect, as you’ve probably noticed.  it is always a joy to hold a newborn, especially one who is “yours”.  when emma was born i flew in for only 2 days—she opened her eyes about twice while i was here….   of course, the second child is more of a challenge, so i was hoping to be a help for this 2-week stint.  i’m doing my best—after-school pick-ups, some babysitting eliza while mommy picks up emma, running some errands and just a little bit of cooking—but this amazing family does a great job all by themselves.    it’s been coldcold, so allowing eliza to stay at home is good.   em has a killer schedule—monday ballet, wednesday cooking, thursday irish-dancing–so i’m busy enjoying her enjoyment.    maybe i’ll feel a little more “necessary” on saturday night when  melissa and eric have an “event” at st. joseph and   tuesday evening they’ll attend aaron’s show…giving me some extra duties.  i’m not complaining, merely justifying my plan to hit some museums next week….there are some great exhibits right now at several:  the whitney has an edward hopper exhibit;  the met has “stieglitz, steichen, strand”; the moma has ” picasso’s guitars” and warhol’s motion pictures.  i’ve never visited the guggenheim (except to shop) because they never had an exhibit i was $20 interested in, but currently there’s a kandinsky show i’d love to see…..  the weather is supposed to be 40’s, so i’m on for a walk in the park, too.   i’m leaving out for home around 5pm on friday and emma has that day off school, so we plan a tea party brunch at alices’s teacup to celebrate my birthday.

i love this family and am so happy to be right in the middle of their wonderful life in this great city.  oh, i didn’t bring my nikon because i was planning to use my droid—and i will just as soon as i master the process.  till then, don’t miss the pictures over at

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