Happy #5 to #1

it’s my #1 grand-daughter’s birthday….yes, 5 years ago today i became a grandma, thanks to my little emma magnolia mayne jose’.  she’s brought us so much love, so much…  b&n caused me quite a bit of grief today as i thought i’d have a book delivered same-day; their website was *!#’d and so all emma got from gma and gpa was the lovely tinkerbelle card…and a phone call.  she’s had a great birthday celebration with her friends, lots of excitement getting to know her new sister, and i’m sure she’s thrilled that her mommy is home and daddy is off of work for a week or so. 

i love emma, the great and powerful

i bought my tickets to fly out of indy on 2/6, coming home friday evening 2/18.  i’ll load up my suitcases with goodies for the girls and get my grandma-groove going strong….till then, flying kisses and hugs are heading her way, not just today but every day…xoxoxo

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