it’s interesting that facebook is the way we get out the news these days.  i remember when folks looked to my blog (or melissa’s) for the latest updates and pictures.  nowadays, i suspect ya’ll know that my #3 grand-daughter, eliza belle mayne jose’ was born yesterday at 2:11 pm at mt. sinai hospital in new york city.  her mom is doing well (but needs to take it easy), dad is beaming, and big sister emma is enamored.  all of the family in nyc, tito aaron especially, have been so helpful…  do i wish i were there?  yes, of course.  these are the hardest parts of living so far away from my kids.  but the pictures make it easier to wait until i’m needed.  


never been lonely…never been lied to…never had to scuffle in fear…nothing denied to

born at the instant the church bells chimed…the whole world whispering

“born at the right time”

                                                                                                      (paul simon)