it’s cold….

this week-end’s insanity in our country is very sobering…and i was sober enough, what with the diet and all.  my church obligations included some piano-playing at a very timely seminar called “Blessed are the Peacemakers”.   the speaker is engaging and while the content is familiar (i learned a lot of it at eric jose’s “school of zero conflict”),  it’s geared toward mending broken relationships.  i like to think that i’ve done that well enough and have now moved on to preventive measures such as keeping my mouth shut and minding my own business.    the seminar goes on every sunday for the next 3 weeks—geez,  i’m getting so damn religious i hardly know me.  don’t worry, though, i’m still actively sinning.  

it’s supposed to snow, but that’s okay as long as we’re clear for MLK day.  the frist art museum (in nashville) has a traveling exhibit of early modern period paintings from the musee d’orsay that i’d like to see and a stroll down broadway to the honky-tonks would be the perfect break from the tedium of winter.     

all we are give peace a chance……

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