discipline, first week of the year

oh, yes, it’s always with relief that i return to the gym in the winter.  i gained 5 lbs in 3 weeks over the holidays, partly blamed on the prednisone injections, but also on out-of-control-ness.  i always wonder if i can stop myself from the mindless cycle of eat, sit, eat, nap, eat….   but i do, at least for a while, in january.  i returned to the Y and the treadmill on monday;  re-activated my fitness pal and started logging my intake.  it will take me about 3x as long to take off the lbs as it did to put them on, but i knew that when i was stuffing my face with cherry pie…..

my kindle froze just after christmas, so i called up the support folks and was happy that they quickly got me back up and reading.  right now i’m mostly into steve martin’s “an object of beauty”;  i should have bought the actual book, though, as it has pictures of the art to which he refers.  might have to buy it for someone else…..  

on new year’s day i planted amarylllis.  by the time they bloom, i should be 3 lbs lighter (again).

amaryllis by morning

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