>big sigh<

well, it’s really over.  i don’t have to play the organ again until next saturday evening, which sounds like quite a holiday.  my arm is already acting like nothing happened.  in the meantime, we’ve organized, destroying old records from 6 & 7 years ago, putting 2010 away and making room for 2011.   i’m soo looking forward to going back to work…. 

the 2010 ribbon board, now dismantled---i love all these kids!!

of course, i’m going to try to be good now:  eat right, walk, get to bed on time, etc.   it’s a grand design…..  feeling puny has made me grateful for my usually good health.  in addition to the increased grandma-ing i’ll be doing this year, i’m thinking chaco canyon on the solstice would be cosmic.   you can be that i’ve got plans for expanding my garden this spring.  music is front and center this year, also, as i’ll be adding choir director to my job description.   but for all the goals or plans i’m making, i’m reallly only thinking about meeting eliza belle.  it’s going to be a great year!!!

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