only us boomers will remember the beginning of the tv show “ben casey”:  dr. zorba, the elder doctor, would write on a chalk board the symbols while he spoke the words, Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity…  

in a week filled with birthdays, even births, word came on friday that my aunt thelma had died.  aunt thelma was my mom’s oldest sister, the matriarch of the eaton clan after grandma died.  she was a kind, compassionate lady who loved the Lord and it showed in her gentle love for everyone whose life she touched.  she was 90 years old, still very much involved in life, driving herself to a doctor’s appointment when she stopped at a red-light and died.  she had lived with her daughter and son-in-law for the last 14 or so years down in cape coral, florida and they will have a memorial service for her down there next saturday.  at some point unknown to me presently, they will bring her ashes up to albion, il to be buried next to her husband, uncle aub.  the last time i saw aunt thelma was in september, 2009, when cousin linda brought her to my house (thank-you, linda).  it was the first time she’d seen sonnystone and she toured every area;  we looked through some old photo albums of my mom’s;  we sat on the front porch swing and gently rocked, talking until it was time to go.  just in case it was the last time i saw her, i hugged her tightly and told her how very much i loved her.  i only took one picture of her that day, and it’s not the best because it doesn’t show her sweet smile, but a person like aunt thelma has a radiance, almost like a halo, that shines through any expression.

my heart goes out to her daughter, linda; to mo, linda’s husband; to her grandchildren, chuck and joe, and her great-grandchildren.  all of us cousins are saddened, too, as well as anyone who ever knew her.  i’ll bet she had quite a greeting party in heaven….

Happy #5 to #1

it’s my #1 grand-daughter’s birthday….yes, 5 years ago today i became a grandma, thanks to my little emma magnolia mayne jose’.  she’s brought us so much love, so much…  b&n caused me quite a bit of grief today as i thought i’d have a book delivered same-day; their website was *!#’d and so all emma got from gma and gpa was the lovely tinkerbelle card…and a phone call.  she’s had a great birthday celebration with her friends, lots of excitement getting to know her new sister, and i’m sure she’s thrilled that her mommy is home and daddy is off of work for a week or so. 

i love emma, the great and powerful

i bought my tickets to fly out of indy on 2/6, coming home friday evening 2/18.  i’ll load up my suitcases with goodies for the girls and get my grandma-groove going strong….till then, flying kisses and hugs are heading her way, not just today but every day…xoxoxo

born at the right time…

it’s interesting that facebook is the way we get out the news these days.  i remember when folks looked to my blog (or melissa’s) for the latest updates and pictures.  nowadays, i suspect ya’ll know that my #3 grand-daughter, eliza belle mayne jose’ was born yesterday at 2:11 pm at mt. sinai hospital in new york city.  her mom is doing well (but needs to take it easy), dad is beaming, and big sister emma is enamored.  all of the family in nyc, tito aaron especially, have been so helpful…  do i wish i were there?  yes, of course.  these are the hardest parts of living so far away from my kids.  but the pictures make it easier to wait until i’m needed.  


never been lonely…never been lied to…never had to scuffle in fear…nothing denied to

born at the instant the church bells chimed…the whole world whispering

“born at the right time”

                                                                                                      (paul simon)

where’d that week go?

it’s tuesday again….i meant to write some inspiring bit on MLK day, but my muse wasn’t musing.  we didn’t make it down to nashville, either, blaming icey rain between here and there yesterday morning. 

biggest news around here is our new droid incredibles….we’ve moved into the 21st century, folks.  we felt like youngsters as we sat downtown eating dinner and texting each other across the table…..we’re so easily pleased…..need to learn how to upload the pictures, though. 

more snow this week….i’m predicting no school thursday.  we’re running out of make-up days very quickly.  my plan is to get this snow-stuff  done in january and have clear skies in february when i need to get to nyc.   yeah, that’s the ticket…..

tuesday afternoon

the snow fell, a couple of inches covering the ground (and roads) early this morning.  i’m one of those who does not care for “snow days”;  the days i work instead of these do-nothing days in the winter are  do-something days in the spring.  i don’t know how to pad the school calendar to suit me, though.  so i piddle around here trying not to eat too much junk, cleaning house, taking pictures, and reading.  

i know, i could have made it to the Y today, or the mall, or the library…..  but i am hooked to my kindle (“just kids”),   listening to some old donald fagan:  snowbound, sleep in today.  wake me up when the wolves come out to play.

it’s cold….

this week-end’s insanity in our country is very sobering…and i was sober enough, what with the diet and all.  my church obligations included some piano-playing at a very timely seminar called “Blessed are the Peacemakers”.   the speaker is engaging and while the content is familiar (i learned a lot of it at eric jose’s “school of zero conflict”),  it’s geared toward mending broken relationships.  i like to think that i’ve done that well enough and have now moved on to preventive measures such as keeping my mouth shut and minding my own business.    the seminar goes on every sunday for the next 3 weeks—geez,  i’m getting so damn religious i hardly know me.  don’t worry, though, i’m still actively sinning.  

it’s supposed to snow, but that’s okay as long as we’re clear for MLK day.  the frist art museum (in nashville) has a traveling exhibit of early modern period paintings from the musee d’orsay that i’d like to see and a stroll down broadway to the honky-tonks would be the perfect break from the tedium of winter.     

all we are saayying..is give peace a chance……

discipline, first week of the year

oh, yes, it’s always with relief that i return to the gym in the winter.  i gained 5 lbs in 3 weeks over the holidays, partly blamed on the prednisone injections, but also on out-of-control-ness.  i always wonder if i can stop myself from the mindless cycle of eat, sit, eat, nap, eat….   but i do, at least for a while, in january.  i returned to the Y and the treadmill on monday;  re-activated my fitness pal and started logging my intake.  it will take me about 3x as long to take off the lbs as it did to put them on, but i knew that when i was stuffing my face with cherry pie…..

my kindle froze just after christmas, so i called up the support folks and was happy that they quickly got me back up and reading.  right now i’m mostly into steve martin’s “an object of beauty”;  i should have bought the actual book, though, as it has pictures of the art to which he refers.  might have to buy it for someone else…..  

on new year’s day i planted amarylllis.  by the time they bloom, i should be 3 lbs lighter (again).

amaryllis by morning