happy new year’s eve

i’ve been out of it, resting my arm in a heating pad, wearing casey’s too-large wrist splint, avoiding the piano and the computer…..now i’m wide awake and ready to get back to normal (whatever that is).   i’m going to push myself through tonight, tomorrow and sunday services despite my numb fingers and get up and mooovve…

so i’m thinking about 2010 and what a nice year it’s been.  lots of quality family time, good gardening and great trips.  i’ve renewed some relationships, and reviewed some.  i’ve learned lots of life-lessons and the attitude change has increased my altitude. 

it struck me as odd that i ended this year at the doctor’s office, just like last.  2009 was mental, 2010  physical, but his advice was the same:   chreesteena, be strong..!

i will if you will:  Be Strong, my friends!!

2 thoughts on “happy new year’s eve

  1. i had 2 more injections, double doses according to dr. he said i’m like a boxer who keeps coming in complaining of headaches…. he still won’t give me some good pain med, though i’m afraid to ask. it’s mostly tingly now… how are your limbs?


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