moving right along…..

after 2 years of having christmas after christmas–usually the 28th or so–this change to christmas before christmas is challenging.  as you may know, melissa is not able to make the trip to indiana this year, so casey and i will be visiting the jose’s, leaving the 18th, coming back the 23rd.  i’ve got tickets for mel, emma, and me to see the rockettes on melissa’s (and aaron’s) birthday.  we’ll get to see emma’s school christmas program while we’re there, and the sleigh will be loaded down with presents….   after we cruise back, the casey jrs will be here and staying for most of the next week.   i am sooo excited…..  and it’s almost time for eliza belle to make her grand entrance–we’ll find out exactly when next week.  i’ve been hitting up the consignment shops, scouring for bargains.  i took a stroll through the newborn aisles at target and it was a real eye-opener, as i had apparently forgotten what all it takes to get the little ones started.  i am sooo excited……

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