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happy new year’s eve

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i’ve been out of it, resting my arm in a heating pad, wearing casey’s too-large wrist splint, avoiding the piano and the computer… i’m wide awake and ready to get back to normal (whatever that is).   i’m going to push myself through tonight, tomorrow and sunday services despite my numb fingers and get up and mooovve…

so i’m thinking about 2010 and what a nice year it’s been.  lots of quality family time, good gardening and great trips.  i’ve renewed some relationships, and reviewed some.  i’ve learned lots of life-lessons and the attitude change has increased my altitude. 

it struck me as odd that i ended this year at the doctor’s office, just like last.  2009 was mental, 2010  physical, but his advice was the same:   chreesteena, be strong..!

i will if you will:  Be Strong, my friends!!

christmas with olivia

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olivia and her parents were here when i got home from church on christmas day.  i had some chopping to do for the cheese soup, so we ate some sandwiches and visited before we got to the good part….opening presents!!!

the monkey-that-looks-like-a-hippo pillow pet

we had to stop and read aunt donna's present

so at the end of the day, the princess played with the “treasure chest”…..i think she got the idea from wink…..


christmas with emma

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we arrived at 333 around noon sunday.  after some burgers at merrion square, we opened a few presents. 

grandpa helped with the sock puppets

on monday we saw the 5pm performance of the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.  this is emma’s 3rd time to see the Show—not bad for a 4-yr-old.   

tuesday was her school christmas program (no, grandma, it’s a show) and it was no surprise that she was such a terrific performer.  what was a surprise is that she introduced the show, coming out with confidence to the microphone and saying clearly, smiling, “welcome to our christmas show”.   she’s somethin’, that gal. 

the other kid aren't really zombies....

we opened more presents when we came home.  she had bought grandpa some nice things at her school’s christmas shop and was so excited to give them to him.  she tried so hard to keep it a secret…..

she loved all of her presents, of course……. 

daddy helped her with her new wii game

the next morning, she was off to school for a polar express pajama party, wearing her new pajamas, crocks and socks.  we left just as she and melissa were heading out for school….

posing with her baby sister’s new swing

 it was such a short time, but just enough to tide me over until february……

and we’re off…

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almost packed in, verry excited!! 

shh....they'll never notice...

we’re stopping tonight (i think), cruising into manhattan tomorrow noon-ish….see ya’ll there!!

snow day

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already we’re cancelling school…and tomorrow is a 2-hour delay.  i got the house cleaned, something i probably wouldn’t have had time to do without the day off.  the smell of furniture polish adds a festive bouquet to the atmosphere.  wrapping presents and finishing cards, watching the birds at the buffet.  casey worked 16 hours last night, so his snoring is my soundtrack. 

moving right along…..

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after 2 years of having christmas after christmas–usually the 28th or so–this change to christmas before christmas is challenging.  as you may know, melissa is not able to make the trip to indiana this year, so casey and i will be visiting the jose’s, leaving the 18th, coming back the 23rd.  i’ve got tickets for mel, emma, and me to see the rockettes on melissa’s (and aaron’s) birthday.  we’ll get to see emma’s school christmas program while we’re there, and the sleigh will be loaded down with presents….   after we cruise back, the casey jrs will be here and staying for most of the next week.   i am sooo excited…..  and it’s almost time for eliza belle to make her grand entrance–we’ll find out exactly when next week.  i’ve been hitting up the consignment shops, scouring for bargains.  i took a stroll through the newborn aisles at target and it was a real eye-opener, as i had apparently forgotten what all it takes to get the little ones started.  i am sooo excited……

close encounter of the doctor kind

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my right arm has been hurting since late october.  i believe it was a sleep injury, a familiar neckache one morning that intensified over the weeks.  though i ate ibuprofen 3 meals a day and spent many evenings on the heating pad, i couldn’t really rest it because of all the church music i’ve had to play.   i know, you’re thinking, geez what’s so tough about playing the organ once a week?  well, it’s been 3x week, 1 to 1 1/2 hours each,  add 1 hr of practice to each “performance” don’t forget that lutherans sing liturgy and expect a prelude, offertory, postlude.  it’s a little more than accompanying some hymns and it’s caused me to have excruciating pain.  i had an upcoming dr appointment and tried to put off seeing him till then, but ended up in his office yesterday afternoon practically crying. 

pinched nerve, as usual.  he gave me a very painful shot of toradol that hurt more than the pain that brought me in.  while i was reeling from that, he shot me with cortisone underneath my wing.   then he sent me on my way.  today, there’s just a little residual discomfort from the injections and some intermittent tingling.  why did i put this off???

partly because i still think i can just “get over” things all by myself.  while i’m waiting for stuff to go away, i entertain thoughts such as “i shouldn’t be ignoring this…what if it’s a heart attack”.   thinking about those possibilities actually drives me away from facing the problem for what it is.  or was…..another pinched nerve, made worse by overuse and anxiety.  

i just need to relax;  i’ll get to it right after christmas.

Christmas cards

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i’ve had the same philosophy toward christmas cards for years now:  if i haven’t seen you in a while, but want to stay in touch, i send a card;  if i haven’t seen you in a while, but don’t miss you, i don’t send a card;  if i see you every day, every week, i don’t send a card.  there are, of course, exceptions to this rule:  co-workers have to have a card with their token present;  at my old church, everybody put cards in each others’ mailbox (no stamp required) and i felt like a scrooge until i joined in.  over the years, the number of cards sent has dropped gradually, but i’m still a little shocked at how small the list is this year.  

when i was growing up, it was my dad who sent out the cards, signing them personally, none of this printed stuff.  his list was a long one and he would take over the dining room table, spread out his various stacks, finally ending in an assembly line of licking envelopes and stamps.  the finished product went into boxes to be taken to the post office for mailing.  each christmas card that came in was noted on the list and if someone skipped us that year, they were off for next year;  if someone added us, a card was quickly sent out.  it really meant something, too;  you could offend someone very clearly by taking them off your list. 

that’s one reason i didn’t care much for the tradition:  it was required and people would be mad if you didn’t get them out on time or, heaven forbid, not send.  i’m glad that facebook and email have made some of these traditions obsolete, but i can’t help but feel nostalgic for times gone by.  i really, really like to get pictures of my friends’ kids or grandkids, even though i get to see them on facebook, too.  i start a ribbon board of pictures each christmas and it fills up quickly with bright, shining faces.  so, no pressure, but a card with a snapshot would be nice. 

in the meantime, my list has dwindled to our aunts and cousins, the folks we see very little, but definitely miss.  we’ll include a newsletter for the aunties, but the rest of ya’ll can just read my blog, sillies.   i’ve got my pretty christmas stamps and i’ll sign our name in my best handwriting.   and i’ll think, fondly, of each person on my list;  i’ll remember times we’ve been together, laugh or cry at my memories, and send off my love in a christmas card.

light the first candle

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when i was a sophomore in high school, i decided i wanted to be jewish.  the father of one of my jewish friends became my mentor, inviting me over to celebrate hanukkah with their family, loaning me books on jewish history, even gave me my own yarmulke.  better yet, he introduced me to fiddler on the roof!!   this went on for a year or so before i became more interested in my boyfriend than religion….   however, seeing the “old testament” from the jewish perspective completely changed my attitude toward christianity and their interpretation of the jewish texts.   it sparked my interest in biblical archaeology and gave me a life-long mission to understand how jesus worshipped, how he viewed his heavenly father, and how he viewed himself.  

  Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has kept us alive,  and has preserved us, and enabled us to reach this time… 

happy hanukkah!!

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