let the festivities begin…..

while i was at church this morning, olivia discovered the boxes under the tree held various ribbons and sundry garland;  so she and her daddy did a bit of decorating and mommy took some pictures.   the casey jrs had just left when i returned, and the tree was the last touch to a wonderful holiday week-end.  after last night’s church service, we drove through the light display at the 4h center and sang christmas carols;  santa is still a non-person to olivia, but she really likes “jingle bells”, especially the “hey!” part. 

after everyone was gone and casey was putting up the outdoor lights, i searched through the pictures from last christmas to see how i had decorated last year.  i had thought that we’d put up the above-pictured tree, but we did not.  we have, actually, 4 different sizes of christmas trees, 3 with white lights, 1 with multi-colors.   i don’t know what i was thinking of, but we haven’t used this one in years…..oh, well.  thank goodness i take pictures of everything, because i can’t remember shit….    i’ve got the kissing mr&mrs santas out, and some other knicky-knacky things, but i didn’t want to tempt livvy with too many things-that-look-like-toys-but-aren’t.   the antique malls are having their open house this coming week-end, so i’ll be scouting around for some more lit santas and other gaudy embellishments.   we’ll not go whole hog this year, since the jose’s won’t be here and the jrs only on christmas day. 

hubby’s birthday is tuesday.  i’d like to get him something he doesn’t expect (i always stock him up on clothes), but so far haven’t got much of an idea.  open for suggestions.

busy days ahead…..

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