week-end wrap-up

i spent most of the week car-shopping.  my mustang had turned over 100,000 miles, our truck is not acting right and we have an upcoming trip to nyc, so it felt like the right time to make a major purchase.  we decided on a 2010 dodge grand caravan and bought it on saturday.  i am so smug about the deal i made on it!!  buying a vehicle is not like it was in the olden days;  a gal has to be very crafty and i was….    

cousin lana and i went to see the UE production of   “a midsummer night’s dream” and laughed our butts off.  we always enjoy the productions there.  this was directed by jon david lutz, with extra funding so the fairies could “fly”.  it is such a timeless comedy. 

i can’t believe thanksgiving is this week!!!  michael, jess, and olivia will be here wednesday.  i went to the grocery store tonight to get the fixins for a traditional turkey meal on thursday,  lasagna on friday, roast beef on saturday, etc….    we’ll haul out the holly, too, while we have the help.  maybe do some shopping, you never know.  

i have a lot i’m thankful for….and that includes you, dear reader.

One thought on “week-end wrap-up

  1. ali

    oh, here it is…..i have been behind on my blog reading lately. congrats on your van purchase….but quite a change from you mustang. you and my sister both did the same thing….went from a mustang convertable to a minivan….how does that happen???


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