i must catch you up on michael’s delicate condition:  he had an allergic reaction to sulfa, red raised rash itching.  he had only 2 more doses of atb to finish the course, so that part was okay.  lots of benadryl later, he’s blotchy all over and still itchy.  i’m going to change the dressing tomorrow, but from the way it sounds, he’s on the mend. 

which means i can take these 2 days and turn them into a fall trip for the mister and me.  with the new church music job, i’ll be working week-ends and holidays for a while, so this is very welcome.  the weather has been perfect plus 10, thank-you.

first on the must-see list for this trip is…ta-da…Olivia!! 

hmm, i think this is okay, but....
yeah, i think i really like it.....
stttoppp!!! get me off of here!!! whose idea was this, anyway???

grandkids are such a hoot.  olivia is very 2 and such a monkey. we’ll get to see her again tomorrow morning, but for now we’re ensconced in our inn, planning a trip to a covered bridge and some pawn shops. 

hope you enjoyed your day as well…..