happy birthday to casey

we’re celebrating casey’s 56th b-day with some cheesey pasta and garlic bread, old crow and tv.  hugh o’brien as wyatt earp; richard boone as palladin; what more could a guy want??  i could carry on about how great my man is, but you’ve all heard it before.  

i’m sure glad he was born……


let the festivities begin…..

while i was at church this morning, olivia discovered the boxes under the tree held various ribbons and sundry garland;  so she and her daddy did a bit of decorating and mommy took some pictures.   the casey jrs had just left when i returned, and the tree was the last touch to a wonderful holiday week-end.  after last night’s church service, we drove through the light display at the 4h center and sang christmas carols;  santa is still a non-person to olivia, but she really likes “jingle bells”, especially the “hey!” part. 

after everyone was gone and casey was putting up the outdoor lights, i searched through the pictures from last christmas to see how i had decorated last year.  i had thought that we’d put up the above-pictured tree, but we did not.  we have, actually, 4 different sizes of christmas trees, 3 with white lights, 1 with multi-colors.   i don’t know what i was thinking of, but we haven’t used this one in years…..oh, well.  thank goodness i take pictures of everything, because i can’t remember shit….    i’ve got the kissing mr&mrs santas out, and some other knicky-knacky things, but i didn’t want to tempt livvy with too many things-that-look-like-toys-but-aren’t.   the antique malls are having their open house this coming week-end, so i’ll be scouting around for some more lit santas and other gaudy embellishments.   we’ll not go whole hog this year, since the jose’s won’t be here and the jrs only on christmas day. 

hubby’s birthday is tuesday.  i’d like to get him something he doesn’t expect (i always stock him up on clothes), but so far haven’t got much of an idea.  open for suggestions.

busy days ahead…..

week-end wrap-up

i spent most of the week car-shopping.  my mustang had turned over 100,000 miles, our truck is not acting right and we have an upcoming trip to nyc, so it felt like the right time to make a major purchase.  we decided on a 2010 dodge grand caravan and bought it on saturday.  i am so smug about the deal i made on it!!  buying a vehicle is not like it was in the olden days;  a gal has to be very crafty and i was….    

cousin lana and i went to see the UE production of   “a midsummer night’s dream” and laughed our butts off.  we always enjoy the productions there.  this was directed by jon david lutz, with extra funding so the fairies could “fly”.  it is such a timeless comedy. 

i can’t believe thanksgiving is this week!!!  michael, jess, and olivia will be here wednesday.  i went to the grocery store tonight to get the fixins for a traditional turkey meal on thursday,  lasagna on friday, roast beef on saturday, etc….    we’ll haul out the holly, too, while we have the help.  maybe do some shopping, you never know.  

i have a lot i’m thankful for….and that includes you, dear reader.

Throw Back Thursday…

A little Help from our friends…

grandpa had a lot of help from olivia as he was blowing the leaves down to the street in front of michael’s house.  after some work, we all had lunch at the brewery (great pesto melt) and went our separate ways.  only 12 days till we’re together again, giving thanks.

greetings from lafayette

i must catch you up on michael’s delicate condition:  he had an allergic reaction to sulfa, red raised rash itching.  he had only 2 more doses of atb to finish the course, so that part was okay.  lots of benadryl later, he’s blotchy all over and still itchy.  i’m going to change the dressing tomorrow, but from the way it sounds, he’s on the mend. 

which means i can take these 2 days and turn them into a fall trip for the mister and me.  with the new church music job, i’ll be working week-ends and holidays for a while, so this is very welcome.  the weather has been perfect plus 10, thank-you.

first on the must-see list for this trip is…ta-da…Olivia!! 

hmm, i think this is okay, but....

yeah, i think i really like it.....

stttoppp!!! get me off of here!!! whose idea was this, anyway???

grandkids are such a hoot.  olivia is very 2 and such a monkey. we’ll get to see her again tomorrow morning, but for now we’re ensconced in our inn, planning a trip to a covered bridge and some pawn shops. 

hope you enjoyed your day as well….. 

good morning!


i do appreciate the time change:  the sun rising as i wake up;  the sun setting at suppertime;  lots of cozy reading time.  the weather has been perfect these last few days and today’s afternoon temps are supposed to be tee-shirt and shorts-appropriate (although i’ll not be exposing the gams anymore this year).  

here’s a coffee-cup toast to all of you:  have a great day!!