not just immunizations

the last hectic week of trying to get the kids in my school compliant with the health department’s requirements is over and on monday i will be asking 93 students to not return to school until they’ve been “shot”.  that’s about 20% of the school, but since i started out with 287 i think it’s pretty good.  overall, evsc has 4,500 students in grades 6-12 that will be excluded.  i feel a headache coming on…….

last tuesday i attended “spring awakening”, book and lyrics written by a guy who went to high school with me (he was a year younger).  bottom line:  i can’t remember one song from the show and since the story seemed contrived to shock and offend, i’m not impressed.  oh, there was the song “he’s fucked”—the title i remember, but not the tune.  not one other song that i remember…..and it was a musical…..and it won tonys…….oy vey…

i got a call wednesday from the interim pastor at the lutheran church up in farmtown.  their music director is leaving (his last sunday was today) and i’ll be filling in as accompanist for their saturday evening and sunday morning services (as well as some sunday school music).   they’ll probably need me through november and it’s nice to be back at the organ (shut up, you know what i mean)

yesterday i attended a garden seminar presented by the master gardeners and got in my education hours for the year (you have to have 6/year in order to remain on the roster).  the seminars are fun and i ran into several people i hadn’t seen in years.  it seemed so strange to be with adults—maybe i need to do these things more often.    i hadn’t been out to usi for a while, either, and that campus grows larger and prettier everytime i see it. 

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