another week done gone

i had friday off, had planned to do some camping, but plans changed abruptly last monday when the truck began to spew water.  casey carried gallons of water in the bed, put the radiator cap on loosely, nursing it along until the week-end to fix it.  thursday, he copy-catted me and had a tooth pulled.  he had already worked his 40 for the state and had off friday, so we decided to fix the truck on friday and take a short trip on saturday and sunday.  well….he replaced the water pump quite handily and when he started up the truck….water spewed everywhere.  he had to take it all out again, borrow an air hammer and a damper puller (also known as a harmonic balancer) and he finally finished it up today.  >sigh<

friday i finished up “the girl with the dragon tattoo” .  it had a lot of words…..i really stayed interested in all the characters and the plot throughout and it ends with a cliff-hanger.  i can hardly wait to read the next in the trilogy. 

we decided to use the money we’d have spent on a trip to Water the Trees.  we moved around sprinklers all week-end and everything perked up a little; we’ll be watering more tomorrow (casey is off for columbus day, such a patriot).  i made basil pesto and put it into jars.  i still have just a small amount of dried basil to put up, some rosemary to trim, and i’m done with the herbs for the year. 

pesto, basil, marjoram, oregano, rosemary v&o, balsamic v&o with peppercorns

i’ll be livening up the scene this week, seeing “spring awakening” as it opens its national tour.  i went to school with steve sater so it’s a must-see.  i’ll let you know.

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