an animal’s in twouble

the phone is winging…..  i’m headed up to lafayette to help michael while he’s not feeling so good.  jess has to be out of town and what’s a grandma for, anyway?  i’ll leave in the morning, back on wednesday.  wish i had sirius radio…..

a short visit from olivia

michael and jessica are in town for a funeral, so they came by to let me play with livvy for a while.  we have so many toys for the kids to play with, but one of the favorites is the binoculars. 


busy week-end ahead:  2 services up at the church, a birthday party, and the usual laundry and house-cleaning.  i’m off to the dentist now…..


i have a bad habit of mimicking other people’s patterns of speech.  it started when i was young in order to entertain my listeners, but became an embedded, almost unconscious, habit when i was doing home health and found that 3-syllable words and/or medical terms were often lost on the folks i was trying to teach.   i don’t mean it to mock them, but rather to bring myself to the patient’s level of understanding.  besides, dialect is dialect and we use very colorful phrases here in southern indiana.  i don’t have to fake the twang, but i’ve gotten into some bad habits of using ain’t and double negatives and it’s all contrived to make people think that i’m not really that much smarter than they are.  (but i am)  this dumbing down approach actually works, though, as proved by my recent immunization experience.  out of 287 parents i  have had to deal with, only one felt that i had mis-communicated with her.  and monday i only sent home 7 kids, while the other schools each excluded over 100.  yeah, it’s a pain having to call these people and cajole them into anything when it’s really their responsibility to do what the formal letters said, but there were a lot of big words on the letters that i felt needed to be explained.  rather than have the parents bring me the record, i asked for permission to have the doctors offices fax them over, saving them the work of getting out of bed.  you can’t expect middle-school kids to act like anything other than adolescents and i’m beginning to think that many of the parents are stuck in that same developmental level. 

which is okay, because i can talk adolescent real good.

not just immunizations

the last hectic week of trying to get the kids in my school compliant with the health department’s requirements is over and on monday i will be asking 93 students to not return to school until they’ve been “shot”.  that’s about 20% of the school, but since i started out with 287 i think it’s pretty good.  overall, evsc has 4,500 students in grades 6-12 that will be excluded.  i feel a headache coming on…….

last tuesday i attended “spring awakening”, book and lyrics written by a guy who went to high school with me (he was a year younger).  bottom line:  i can’t remember one song from the show and since the story seemed contrived to shock and offend, i’m not impressed.  oh, there was the song “he’s fucked”—the title i remember, but not the tune.  not one other song that i remember…..and it was a musical…..and it won tonys…….oy vey…

i got a call wednesday from the interim pastor at the lutheran church up in farmtown.  their music director is leaving (his last sunday was today) and i’ll be filling in as accompanist for their saturday evening and sunday morning services (as well as some sunday school music).   they’ll probably need me through november and it’s nice to be back at the organ (shut up, you know what i mean)

yesterday i attended a garden seminar presented by the master gardeners and got in my education hours for the year (you have to have 6/year in order to remain on the roster).  the seminars are fun and i ran into several people i hadn’t seen in years.  it seemed so strange to be with adults—maybe i need to do these things more often.    i hadn’t been out to usi for a while, either, and that campus grows larger and prettier everytime i see it. 

another week done gone

i had friday off, had planned to do some camping, but plans changed abruptly last monday when the truck began to spew water.  casey carried gallons of water in the bed, put the radiator cap on loosely, nursing it along until the week-end to fix it.  thursday, he copy-catted me and had a tooth pulled.  he had already worked his 40 for the state and had off friday, so we decided to fix the truck on friday and take a short trip on saturday and sunday.  well….he replaced the water pump quite handily and when he started up the truck….water spewed everywhere.  he had to take it all out again, borrow an air hammer and a damper puller (also known as a harmonic balancer) and he finally finished it up today.  >sigh<

friday i finished up “the girl with the dragon tattoo” .  it had a lot of words…..i really stayed interested in all the characters and the plot throughout and it ends with a cliff-hanger.  i can hardly wait to read the next in the trilogy. 

we decided to use the money we’d have spent on a trip to Water the Trees.  we moved around sprinklers all week-end and everything perked up a little; we’ll be watering more tomorrow (casey is off for columbus day, such a patriot).  i made basil pesto and put it into jars.  i still have just a small amount of dried basil to put up, some rosemary to trim, and i’m done with the herbs for the year. 

pesto, basil, marjoram, oregano, rosemary v&o, balsamic v&o with peppercorns

i’ll be livening up the scene this week, seeing “spring awakening” as it opens its national tour.  i went to school with steve sater so it’s a must-see.  i’ll let you know.

bringing in and putting up

windy and cool, time to bring the houseplants in from the porches:

brought out all my harvest decorations and felt nostalgic for the “spook walk”— oh, well.  we got a bunch of pumpkins and gourds, started putting up the wicker and bringing the wood up to the porch.  we had thought about doing the 200-mile yard sale down in ky, but it was one of those week-ends when we were just a little irritable with each other — not conducive to a stuck-in-the-truck experience.  it’s fall festival week and our nominees for king and queen are  friends of mine, so i might head down there to cheer them on.  here’s the front porch, current arrangement, sure to change……………….