now what can i procrastinate?

finally i got some pictures arranged on the big empty wall behind the tv in the den.  it’s only taken 6 months…..

i love my kindle.  it’s so much easier on my eyes and i’m getting a lot more reading done.  there is a slight problem, though:  i can’t remember the password to use my own wireless!!  i’ve tried every password i’ve ever used, nothing works.  if i do much else, i could mess up a lot of work that michael did connecting my laptop with my dinosaur, so i decided to just visit a  hotspot whenever i need to download anything.  it works out fine.  i finished up #4 in the dresden files, started on a stieg larsson, and today downloaded the #5 and “ape house”. 

which is why i’m pajama’d up and headed for reading position….

One thought on “now what can i procrastinate?

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