maybe it’s the moon….

i’m feeling especially gripey today.  i’m just tired of: record setting temperatures;  work; birthdays that remind me how fast time can fly; politics; hair that cries out to have its roots covered; tv;  toenails that are surrendering to cuticle; a half-cleaned house that is defying my control; gardens that scream for attention.  even the single-eyed cat has been a challenge.  it’s all just built up into an attitude.  it might be due to that waxing 95%  gibbous moon, or the imminent equinox, or whatever that crazy jupiter is up to.    maybe i’m just impatient for the full harvest moon to reveal itself.  perhaps i’m ready for summer to end.  anytime now………

One thought on “maybe it’s the moon….

  1. Kathy

    What a beautiful post. The end of summer IS a ragged toenail surrendering to cuticle. It hangs on until fall– the glorious, last gasp of entropy before the winter’s nadir. Deep down, we wonder if we’ll live to see it all start over in spring. Love you!


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