saturday night at the dulcimer fest

casey and i met sister and her devoted spouse out at the bluegrass creek dulcimer festival last saturday night.  do you remember how much i enjoyed bing futch at last year’s event?  well, bing was back this year and i was very excited to watch and listen to him again.  he is truly the best, most happening dulcimer player in the genre right now, playing very non-traditionally with an electric dulcimer and really rockin’ it.  this year he was joined by guy george and his wife, who were also a treat.  guy plays steel guitar, saxophones, and hammered dulcimer.  great stuff. 

guy george and bing futch

 oh, the percussionist is the fella who made my washboard.  the one he’s playing in this pic is just like mine.  (and you thought it was a toy..)

danny shepherd, sherry george, bing futch, guy george

i spent the rest of the week-end working in the gardens (check the garden blog) and eating leftovers.  i finally ate EVERYTHING in the fridge that was edible and am ready to seriously curtail my caloric consumption.  the last month of summer vacation i tend to pack on the pounds!!  oh, and surprise!  aunt shirley is in grayville, so i’m going to pick her up and bring her over to sonnystone on wednesday.   i can hardly wait….

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