now what can i procrastinate?

finally i got some pictures arranged on the big empty wall behind the tv in the den.  it’s only taken 6 months…..

i love my kindle.  it’s so much easier on my eyes and i’m getting a lot more reading done.  there is a slight problem, though:  i can’t remember the password to use my own wireless!!  i’ve tried every password i’ve ever used, nothing works.  if i do much else, i could mess up a lot of work that michael did connecting my laptop with my dinosaur, so i decided to just visit a  hotspot whenever i need to download anything.  it works out fine.  i finished up #4 in the dresden files, started on a stieg larsson, and today downloaded the #5 and “ape house”. 

which is why i’m pajama’d up and headed for reading position….


…the full harvest moon, the fullest moon of the year,  dancing with a radiant venus tonight, celebrating the autumnal equinox….


May the diminishing light in our daytime skies

 be met by an increasing compassion and tolerance in our hearts.

                                                                                                     (quote from Kathleen Jenks)

maybe it’s the moon….

i’m feeling especially gripey today.  i’m just tired of: record setting temperatures;  work; birthdays that remind me how fast time can fly; politics; hair that cries out to have its roots covered; tv;  toenails that are surrendering to cuticle; a half-cleaned house that is defying my control; gardens that scream for attention.  even the single-eyed cat has been a challenge.  it’s all just built up into an attitude.  it might be due to that waxing 95%  gibbous moon, or the imminent equinox, or whatever that crazy jupiter is up to.    maybe i’m just impatient for the full harvest moon to reveal itself.  perhaps i’m ready for summer to end.  anytime now………

saturday night at the dulcimer fest

casey and i met sister and her devoted spouse out at the bluegrass creek dulcimer festival last saturday night.  do you remember how much i enjoyed bing futch at last year’s event?  well, bing was back this year and i was very excited to watch and listen to him again.  he is truly the best, most happening dulcimer player in the genre right now, playing very non-traditionally with an electric dulcimer and really rockin’ it.  this year he was joined by guy george and his wife, who were also a treat.  guy plays steel guitar, saxophones, and hammered dulcimer.  great stuff. 

guy george and bing futch

 oh, the percussionist is the fella who made my washboard.  the one he’s playing in this pic is just like mine.  (and you thought it was a toy..)

danny shepherd, sherry george, bing futch, guy george

i spent the rest of the week-end working in the gardens (check the garden blog) and eating leftovers.  i finally ate EVERYTHING in the fridge that was edible and am ready to seriously curtail my caloric consumption.  the last month of summer vacation i tend to pack on the pounds!!  oh, and surprise!  aunt shirley is in grayville, so i’m going to pick her up and bring her over to sonnystone on wednesday.   i can hardly wait….


No man is an island, entire of itself.

Each is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less as well as if a promontory were;

As well as if a manor of thine own or of thy friend’s were.

Each man’s death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind.

Therefore, send not to see for whom the bell tolls.

It tolls for thee.


Labor Day/Birthday festivities

you may have noticed that i’m not doing the mushy little birthday tributes that i used to do…i’m not saying i won’t, just that i’m not.  at any rate, our annual family get-together is ostensibly to celebrate michael’s 9/3 birthday; whatever the excuse, we have so much fun.  my pictures were actually quite bad, what few i took.  when melissa and jess are here, i feel like i can relax,  just print the images into my brain for future re-living and use their pics for reminders of just how gorgeous we all are.  here’s what i’ve got:

Aunt Donna with the Jose’s

 sister came by on friday afternoon, but missed the casey, jrs.   her tree-drawing skills impressed emma greatly.  on saturday we had a ton of food to share with the carnahan sisters, their spouses and kristi’s grandchildren:

Kristi, Sophie, Stefanie, Silas, and Melissa

 the highlight of our week-end is always going to the racetrack and we chose sunday this year, seduced by the dollar beer.  i almost had to beat up a couple of old men, but we had a lovely spot on one side of a picnic table….honestly, this old dude tried to keep an entire picnic table to himself and i told him, hey, i got little kids here and you’ll just have to deal with it.  melissa sat down saying loudly: i’m pregnant!!  he was still a crank and we’d have gladly adopted him had he been pleasant….his loss.  i waited and cashed my tickets in when i left and felt like quite the winner, but i think i just broke even. 

At the Track, Sunday

Emma and Olivia watching the horses

 and then there’s the icing on the cake:  a friend of mine who i had not seen in 32 years drove over from carmi where she was visiting her mom.  kathy hanson and her daughter mary woeste are beautiful and i can’t tell you how thrilled i was to see them.  well, i could, but it would take more than a paragraph.  there has always been a special bond between kathy and me and it is still alive and well.  i hope this is just the first of many visits. 

Kathy and Mary visited on Sunday

by noon on monday, everyone was gone and the quiet was deafening—well, there was “we are the dinosaurs” stuck in my head.   

Daddies play with the girls before leaving on Monday

 though the pictures are paltry, the sweet, sweet joy of family and friends is precious and i thank you all for sharing your time with us.