sick time

i kind of saw this coming…..there’s been a GI bug going around that’s not the usual and i spent at least a week thinking it was start-of-school-itis before i realized it was contagious.  last week i sent kids home (and stayed away from them), but by saturday i felt pretty bad, thought i had just had a “touch” because i felt okay sunday.  then the allergies hit hard, so i started on the allegra and toddies; last night, however, i woke up puking.  gross.  so i’m home today with a splitting headache, sorest throat i’ve had in a while (thanks to the acid burn and the annoying cough), watery pink eyes, purple-red runny nose, smelling strongly of honey lemon cough drops, robe pockets stuffed with old kleenexes, shuffling frequently to the bathroom. 

okay, fine.  i’ll just catch you all up with what i’ve been doing:  working.  seems the health department decided to require 3 new immunizations for grades 6-12 this year, starting in march to run ads and let the word out.  of course, nobody paid any attention because they thought they were talking about flu shots.  as a result, about 2/3 of the students are deficient, translating to thousands of kids who we were expected to send letters saying: get your kids shots within 20 days or they’re outta here.  thankfully, evsc rather objected to the possibility of having kids out of school, so the plan changed.  we sent out letters that tell them what the child needs, then ask them to please get them.  i had only 287 letters to date, write names, sign, stuff, write name on front and homeroom number.  i still have to get them into the teachers’ boxes, and i’m shooting to have them sent home thursday because then i won’t have to take any phone calls until after the holiday.  oh, they did agree to pay us up to 10 hours to get this done by 9/3, or i would be griping like hell.   

so you can tell there’s been nothing to report until this big illness.  mostly watering and watching the gardens and porches, going to bed early like an old fogey.  but that’s all about to change:  the casey family summerfest begins thursday.  i’ll be feeling fine by then!!

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