is this kid cute, or what?  we played and sang and had a great old time.  her parents were here, too, so i did a little cooking.  this was the first time in a while that they had stayed overnight with us and i really enjoyed having olivia here in the mornings, though her habit of waking up at 5am ET (4am our time) means we’re slightly out of sync.  she is so fun, though; talking up a storm and singing along (lightly) with dinosaurs (giggotors) and playing every instrument. they left this morning after breakfast;  we’ll see them again next week-end, meeting up at conner prairie before the garrison keillor show. 

cousin lana and i were back for the final show of the season at new harmony theatre this afternoon: “ain’t misbehavin”.  well-done, but the accompanying music drowned out some of the voices and i feel like i missed some things.  i love to watch dancers and these were all great; voices were perfect, too. 

i’m going on back to school tomorrow to set up my office and such.  i’m ready, that’s for sure.  hope your week-end was as fun as mine.