lazy last days of vacation

have you noticed how HOT it is? 

we only keep the back of the house air-conditioned, so i’ve spent a lot of time back there–cleaning, of all things.  you know, that kind of cleaning where you get a ladder and knock off the cobwebs and dust all the places you can’t see—it makes me feel not-quite-so-lazy.   i’m going through pictures or watching someone on HGTV mess up their house also, surfing the internets and editing some writing, just piddling.  amazingly, our pool stays cool under the trellis.  after sitting in it for a while, i can even get chilled by a small breeze and find it hard to believe it’s really 100degrees out there, but it is. 

this morning we’re getting some rain to cool us off, thank goodness.  mike, jess, and olivia will be arriving tomorrow evening (we will cool off the upstairs for them,  don’t worry), so i hope the weatherman is correct that the heat index will actually fall below 100 (it’s been 115 the last couple of days, but i don’t have to tell you that).  i can hardly wait to play with livvy!!

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