sick time

i kind of saw this coming…..there’s been a GI bug going around that’s not the usual and i spent at least a week thinking it was start-of-school-itis before i realized it was contagious.  last week i sent kids home (and stayed away from them), but by saturday i felt pretty bad, thought i had just had a “touch” because i felt okay sunday.  then the allergies hit hard, so i started on the allegra and toddies; last night, however, i woke up puking.  gross.  so i’m home today with a splitting headache, sorest throat i’ve had in a while (thanks to the acid burn and the annoying cough), watery pink eyes, purple-red runny nose, smelling strongly of honey lemon cough drops, robe pockets stuffed with old kleenexes, shuffling frequently to the bathroom. 

okay, fine.  i’ll just catch you all up with what i’ve been doing:  working.  seems the health department decided to require 3 new immunizations for grades 6-12 this year, starting in march to run ads and let the word out.  of course, nobody paid any attention because they thought they were talking about flu shots.  as a result, about 2/3 of the students are deficient, translating to thousands of kids who we were expected to send letters saying: get your kids shots within 20 days or they’re outta here.  thankfully, evsc rather objected to the possibility of having kids out of school, so the plan changed.  we sent out letters that tell them what the child needs, then ask them to please get them.  i had only 287 letters to date, write names, sign, stuff, write name on front and homeroom number.  i still have to get them into the teachers’ boxes, and i’m shooting to have them sent home thursday because then i won’t have to take any phone calls until after the holiday.  oh, they did agree to pay us up to 10 hours to get this done by 9/3, or i would be griping like hell.   

so you can tell there’s been nothing to report until this big illness.  mostly watering and watching the gardens and porches, going to bed early like an old fogey.  but that’s all about to change:  the casey family summerfest begins thursday.  i’ll be feeling fine by then!!

a lovely 30th anniversary

we didn’t get in any hurry to sit in the sun before the concert sunday evening up at conner prairie.  other folks were staking out the down-front seats, but we stopped over at a local brewery, drank a bighorn blonde and ate a hamburger, took the leftovers with us as a picnic lunch.  we were rewarded for our nonchalance by snagging a picnic area directly in the middle top—no sweaty bodies close by and the bathrooms were close, too.  and we enjoyed the show so much, listened to the news from lake wobegon and caught up with guy noir, sang tons of love songs and took some fun pictures. 

fred newman, the sound effects guy and mr. keillor

Garrison Keillor is one of my idols, a writer/storyteller who does talk a little slowly, it’s true, but who creates characters who you feel you know, or are.  he and sara watkins, fiddle player singer, walked about the audience for about half the show, him making up lyrics to songs as he walked based on what he was seeing the folks do.  i’m proud to say that he included me in one of them:  the lady with the pink shirt.  

garrison keillor and sara watkins

it was, after all the Summer Love Tour, and during the drive home the medley of  “can’t help falling in love with you/unchained melody” was stuck in my head—happily.   i’m ready for another 30 years…..

Anniversary Eve activities

we bravely faced the ridiculous heat index, telling ourselves we’d weathered many sweltering days in the past.  racetrack, bluegrass fest, then back to the races to watch the gardenia stakes.  good bbq at the fest, had to have some of that slaw from the track, and a couple of beers were just enough.  i tell ya, though, i thought i was gonna diiee at one point and stumbled over to one of the fans at the track and stood in front of it until i revived enough to sit down………came home and dipped off in the pool and survived…..

bluegrass in the park

#9 in the 9th (my bet) coming in 4th


first day of school

my 4th year of school nursing began in earnest today and the atmosphere is much more positively energetic than previous years.  the problem from last year is still veryvery present, but it seems easier to just let it go, or let it be.  i’m very excited, in that sad way that springs up deeply when i think about growing up…….so to prove that i’m in control, i rearranged my office:

now i don’t have to ever turn my back on the little…, darlings…….

week-end wrap-up

is this kid cute, or what?  we played and sang and had a great old time.  her parents were here, too, so i did a little cooking.  this was the first time in a while that they had stayed overnight with us and i really enjoyed having olivia here in the mornings, though her habit of waking up at 5am ET (4am our time) means we’re slightly out of sync.  she is so fun, though; talking up a storm and singing along (lightly) with dinosaurs (giggotors) and playing every instrument. they left this morning after breakfast;  we’ll see them again next week-end, meeting up at conner prairie before the garrison keillor show. 

cousin lana and i were back for the final show of the season at new harmony theatre this afternoon: “ain’t misbehavin”.  well-done, but the accompanying music drowned out some of the voices and i feel like i missed some things.  i love to watch dancers and these were all great; voices were perfect, too. 

i’m going on back to school tomorrow to set up my office and such.  i’m ready, that’s for sure.  hope your week-end was as fun as mine. 

lazy last days of vacation

have you noticed how HOT it is? 

we only keep the back of the house air-conditioned, so i’ve spent a lot of time back there–cleaning, of all things.  you know, that kind of cleaning where you get a ladder and knock off the cobwebs and dust all the places you can’t see—it makes me feel not-quite-so-lazy.   i’m going through pictures or watching someone on HGTV mess up their house also, surfing the internets and editing some writing, just piddling.  amazingly, our pool stays cool under the trellis.  after sitting in it for a while, i can even get chilled by a small breeze and find it hard to believe it’s really 100degrees out there, but it is. 

this morning we’re getting some rain to cool us off, thank goodness.  mike, jess, and olivia will be arriving tomorrow evening (we will cool off the upstairs for them,  don’t worry), so i hope the weatherman is correct that the heat index will actually fall below 100 (it’s been 115 the last couple of days, but i don’t have to tell you that).  i can hardly wait to play with livvy!!