down the road we go

greetings from the days inn, eureka springs, arkansas. 

eureka springs looks very interesting with a main street full of victorian buildings and houses built right into the hills.  i haven’t seen the 7-story-tall jesus yet (maybe i won’t), but it’s right up the road, complete with a big piece of the berlin wall.  really. it’s the site of the “passion play of the ozarks”.  there are some healing springs and people have flocked here for years to partake of them, so the place is full of baths, massage parlors and spas. there’s art and food, and they even have opera (real opera) in season. however, it seems that most of the shops are closed on wednesday….tomorrow….the day we’re here.  plus, the drive here from the site of the concert is waay to curvey for me to survive if we have to drive it after the concert.  so we’ll walk around town in the morning and head back up the road to snag another room closer to the venue.  

as i get closer to the 30th wedding anniversary, i think so much about how we have adapted to our differences.  as we drove down the interstates, i constantly lectured him re: my theory of driving:  1 ) 65mph speed limit means 70, 70 means 75, and if somebody’s going over 80, get behind them and they’ll get the ticket.  2) we pass trucks–trucks don’t pass us.  3) if you see one of those signs with the slanty-truck (i call it the tipsy truck), don’t be NEAR any trucks or they might fall on you.   there are more, but he takes it well.  but…then we get into the hills, 2-lane roads with those snakey arrow signs every several miles and changing speed limits—25-30-35mph—-and suddenly, he’s taking my interstate advice.   i don’t use my passenger brake anymore, i take it well. 

anyway, doubt we’ll have wi-fi tomorrow, but i’ll fill you in as soon as i can.

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