yet another week-end wrap-up

olivia came to visit Saturday morning!!! it was a short visit (from about 8am to 11am), but we managed to pack it with play:

camper's okay, but tape measure is fascinating
she loves to water the flowers
grandpa helped a little
after jess and olivia left, i headed over to the track and had a Fantastic bit of luck:  won $19.40 on a $2 show-bet.  YES.  lana and charley were there and sister came over to visit with the birthday girl.  i didn’t get any pictures (lana is glad) because the camera battery was dead. 
lana and i were back together on sunday to attend the new harmony theatre’s presentation of  “the glass menagerie”.  their productions are always top notch and that’s a wonderful play. 
we’re gearing up for the big Visit from the newyorkers this week, cleaning and such, and i reupholstered my dining room chairs—check them out over at my gardening blog, where you can also get a glimpse of my tomato crop. 

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