big week ahead:

it’s soo-oo damn hot….but we’re getting ready for some company….

saturday olivia will drop by with her mom for a quick-visit to the piano and the camper.  they have plans for 11:30,  so after they leave i’ll be goin’ on over to the track to snag a table at my “new spot” for cousin lana’s something-something birthday.  i do hope the humidity lets up so my poor old cuz can breathe.  sunday we will be over at new harmony (lana and i) to the theatre:  the glass menagerie.  i’m sure it will be good (also air-conditioned). 

then we’ll have to get in gear to prepare for melissa and emma’s arrival in the hoosier state.  i’m driving to indy on the 21st to meet up with the jose’ folks and bring the dashing duo to sonnystone.  they’ll be here the 22nd and 23rd, then we’ll drive them back up to indy for a flight out.  it’s a quick trip, but mel has to be in nyc on sundays, so what can you do?  i’m happy with it.  i know that we’ll go to ellis on friday afternoon, but otherwise, the plan is to just be together.    after we drop em and her mom off at the indy airport, we’ll swing by lafayette to see olivia before heading back home (this on the 24th). 

ya’ll are welcome anytime…..

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