American roots music via southern Illinois

the trip over to carmi for the smithsonian exhibit was a hoot.  the museum is a small one, filling up an old store with antiques that the local gentry are very proud to display.  upstairs was The Exhibit, also small.  they had added some posters about local musicians and had highlighted their high school “music night”, so at the end i heard some really fab high-school-band music.  while i was walking around taking pictures, a local lady asked to take a picture of me playing a frottoir and i was happy to oblige. 

it was a nice exhibit, though, and i truly love all of the music they highlighted…………


does anybody out there remember the sunbeam bread girl?  my grandpa thought my sister looked just like her when she was little–she probably did, but i was jealous!!  there was a huge billboard over on hwy 41 that had her swinging (in a swing) that was so cool.  anyway, i hadn’t seen her in a while, so i snapped a pic:

tomorrow is opening day at ellis park, so i’ve got to get some rest……………

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