from the campground:

11 miles out of e-ville, at at the ky gas station, the left-hand tire on the camper was flat as a…whatever is really deflatedly flat.  good place for that to happen, though, if it must happen.  so we put on the brand-spanking-new tire that husband had so thoughtfully bought and headed down the road.  we’ve had the experience of 2 flats, on the actual road, coming and going, so we’ll be shopping for a spare while we’re here.  but we are here, only an hour later than planned.  the air is cool and full of the wonderful smell of charcoal-grilling. the campground etiquette of friendly smiles and waves is still charming—though for me a little bit of friendly goes a long way.  the bath house is small, but very clean and air-conditioned;  there’s only one other pop-up camper in the place, so most of the campers have their own bathrooms and  i’m thinking maybe 2 showers is enough.  word is that they’ve repaired/improved the road through Cades Cove, so we’ll probably head over there first thing in the morning.  for now, though, i’m listening to casey snore and planning to join in the chorus.

10 years later:  I failed to mention:  We were camping in Townsend, TN: Big Meadows Campground…

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