visit with Olivia

We drove on up to Lafayette on Friday morning—I hate that drive (pardon me for using the H word) and Terre Haute was even more of a trial than usual thanks to INDOT.  When we arrived, Olivia was just waking up from her nap and was Very Happy to see me.  We played and marched; she is quite a fine marcher.  After checking into our hotel, we met back up and had some dinner down by the river park, hoping to be able to walk around after eating.  Alas, weather intervened; as we drove out, the sirens were going off.  All that night, storms passed over. 

The next morning, however, the clouds had cleared and we were on our way.  Jessica, Olivia and I went downtown while the boys cleaned the gutters.  After making our way through the Farmer’s Market, we headed on over to Imagination Station, where I took these pictures:


We walked through their Farmer’s Market (much better than ours) and visited some antique stores before heading on back to collect the guys. 

We came on back to Sonnystone after a nice lunch at Lafayette Brewery (where I added a pint glass to my collection).  I hope I don’t have to wait too long to see this little gal again (was that a poorly veiled attempt at guilt?  I think not, since Michael doesn’t actually read this blog…)

Anyway, I heart my grand-daughters…….

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