Check out our new toy:

(actually, that guy has been my toy for 30 years now, but the camper is new)

Over 20 years ago we bought a pop-up camper and loved it.  We camped in many beautiful spots— every state park south of Indy; Barkley Lake; Grand Lake, Colorado; Shenandoah and Great Smokies National Parks.  All of our trips stand out as great family fun, but we sold the camper when Melissa began to be unavailable for summer vacations and Michael and Casey were spending so much time doing Scout camping.  We’ve talked about getting one for a while now and we found this bargain-priced little gem just last week-end.  Pounce.  It’s ours.  We’re planning a 4th of July trip, but one big reason we bought it was to put it down by our firepit and use it for a campsite when the grandkids and other kids are around.  Casey is, as you would imagine, the perfect person to camp with, taking care of everything from the fire to the rain-fly—and this one has a/c which we felt was a necessity for old folks like us.   

We’re heading up to Lafayette tomorrow, but won’t be camping just yet.  Looking forward to seeing Olivia and her parents.