week-end wrap-up

HOT..HUMID…doesn’t stop us.  On Saturday, Donna & I headed over to Henderson for their Swing II Garden Walk  and visited 11 gardens.  We also stopped in the park downtown for some BBQ and to cool off a little;  their Blues Fest is going all week.  Here’s some pics of our favorite garden:

I love her petunia bed……… 

On Sunday morning , Casey and I drove over to New Harmony for their Antiques Fair.  I saw some interesting items, but did not buy…  Did I mention it was hot?  And that I sweat 3-4x as much as Casey?   I had a dreamsicle float and he had a pineapple milkshake at Pop’s, making it all better. 

The Antique Fair was on the street and inside the old gymnasium.

It looks like a busy week ahead:  genealogy stuff, Blues Fest, and a trip up to Lafayette to see the Casey, Jrs.

Stay hydrated, my friends. 

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