All together now?

Thank-you for following me!  I want to tell you all about my recent trip to NYC………

Sunday morning tap class:

Melissa sang beautifully at a recital that afternoon (tears from Mom) and we supped at Maz before she went off to sing a Mass.  Eric, Em, and I stopped by Merrion Square for a short snort, then grabbed the car, picked up Mel and we went down to the HighLine.  Remember when I went there in November?  It sure looks different now with all the plants in bloom.  I took tons of pictures of the flora and fauna, but you’ll have to check those out over at the garden blog.   Here’s some people pix:

From there we walked to Bill’s for a coldass beer.  It is this kind of backdrop that makes me feel like I’m on a movie set when I’m walking the streets of New York.

The next day, we took Emma to school and ran some errands.  After school, she and her buddies (and her mom’s buddies) went over to the park and play, play, played:

On Tuesday, the City opened up all the museums along Museum Mile for free, closing off the streets for an Art Fair.  As we arrived, lo and behold, there was de la vega, an artist I have long revered (I have 2 t-shirts, that’s how much I revere him) chalking his art from 103rd down to 80-something where the Met is:

Emma picked up a piece of his chalk (he carried a bagful, and would hand it to the kids or leave it to be picked up when he finished) and began to do her own art all the way down the street (until her chalk was gone):

The finale was a sneak preview of  the St. Joseph end-of-school Show, to be presented next week, but kindly practiced on stage just for a visiting Grandma…thanks to Andermanis….

The songs were great and not your usual kids songs:  ain’t no valley wide enough, mamma mia, a very moving R.Kelly, and the best: All You Need is LOVE.  As they stressed the LOVE, they put their hands in the air…..I love Emma’s school.  I love her whole life, actually, and it’s so fun to watch and be a part of it!!

7 thoughts on “All together now?

  1. Kim (Podbevsek) Riegel

    Well, I have been a blog “stalker” for quite some time – so I guess it’s time to let you know I’m reading!! ha!

    I still remember you and Donna being SO WONDERFUL to me when I was just a skinny-legged little pain in the rear when Aunt Ruby and Uncle “Donk” babysat me many, many years ago!

    Would love to have both yours and Donna’s e-mail so we can reconnect.

    BIG HUG!


    1. YAY! I am thrilled that you have come out of the closet–teehee…I’ll send you an email with a return and donna’s, too. You were such a darling; even with my grandkids it’s been tough to find a kid as cute as you were—and you were the first little one to call me “doe”. I’d love to see you! xoxoxo


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