first harvest

I hope ya’ll are ready for some fresh vegetables, because I’m going to have plenty this year.  These are the earliest better boys I’ve grown in years.  There are at least 2 dozen of them on the vine and about 4 dozen on the romas.  Get out your salt shakers and for further updates, keep checking over at my garden blog.

better boys, romas, cherries, yellow squash, bell peppers

Oh, if you can identify the butterfly over at growing every season, I’ll buy you a drink…………

another week-end wrap-up

this has been a very uneventful week-end.  it’s rather tempting to make up some exotic story to impress and entertain you, but who do you think you are, anyway? if i’m bored, you can be, too.  friday casey was off, so we did the rummage sales and farmers’ market.  he spent the rest of the day getting ready for a Scout biking/camping trip while i gardened and cooked.  the rest of the week-end,  i stayed close to home, gardening, computing, reading, eating…….

rummage sale 6/25


farmers market 6/25

casey did have an interesting story when he returned this afternoon.  some caggies brought a large family-size tent (considered wuss-ish by real scouts who sleep in pup tents or some such primitive structure) and were only using it for 2 people, so he just threw down his bedroll in the front part and settled down to sleep.  before he drifted off, he heard something and felt something that seemed like it might be a mole underneath the floor of the tent.  as he listened, suddenly there was something  cold and damp on his face, like he was being slapped with a wet rag.  it was a frog that was hopping around inside the tent.  (okay, at this point, i would be hysterical and frankly would remain quite traumatized for weeks afterward)   he caught it and helped it outside the tent.  no way would i camp without casey there to protect me from wild frogs and other invaders.  we’ll be leaving friday to camp in the Smokies, so i’m glad he’s in practice.   

oh,  a lot of  my “doing nothing” has been setting up and getting accustomed to using my new laptop computer.  our campground will have wi-fi, so i can broadcast live this holiday week-end.  till then……


week-end wrap-up

We went over to the Henderson Blues Fest on Saturday night, ate some BBQ and listened to some real good music.  People-watching was a hoot and the sunset was spectacular.  The lady singing the blues is Shameka Copeland.

My cousin Lana and I attended the New Harmony Theatre production of “The School for Scandal” and it was great.  It’s a comedy of manners from 1777 (not a typo) and when it started out with a lot of prithees and Brithish accents, I realized I had to focus.  The actors were wonderful, wonderfully cast; I laughed a lot and think I missed plenty of other wit because of the period speech.  Much better than Cats; I could see it again and again……………..    Really, it was good and I had fun.  So much for the week-end. 

visit with Olivia

We drove on up to Lafayette on Friday morning—I hate that drive (pardon me for using the H word) and Terre Haute was even more of a trial than usual thanks to INDOT.  When we arrived, Olivia was just waking up from her nap and was Very Happy to see me.  We played and marched; she is quite a fine marcher.  After checking into our hotel, we met back up and had some dinner down by the river park, hoping to be able to walk around after eating.  Alas, weather intervened; as we drove out, the sirens were going off.  All that night, storms passed over. 

The next morning, however, the clouds had cleared and we were on our way.  Jessica, Olivia and I went downtown while the boys cleaned the gutters.  After making our way through the Farmer’s Market, we headed on over to Imagination Station, where I took these pictures:


We walked through their Farmer’s Market (much better than ours) and visited some antique stores before heading on back to collect the guys. 

We came on back to Sonnystone after a nice lunch at Lafayette Brewery (where I added a pint glass to my collection).  I hope I don’t have to wait too long to see this little gal again (was that a poorly veiled attempt at guilt?  I think not, since Michael doesn’t actually read this blog…)

Anyway, I heart my grand-daughters…….

Popping Up

Check out our new toy:

(actually, that guy has been my toy for 30 years now, but the camper is new)

Over 20 years ago we bought a pop-up camper and loved it.  We camped in many beautiful spots— every state park south of Indy; Barkley Lake; Grand Lake, Colorado; Shenandoah and Great Smokies National Parks.  All of our trips stand out as great family fun, but we sold the camper when Melissa began to be unavailable for summer vacations and Michael and Casey were spending so much time doing Scout camping.  We’ve talked about getting one for a while now and we found this bargain-priced little gem just last week-end.  Pounce.  It’s ours.  We’re planning a 4th of July trip, but one big reason we bought it was to put it down by our firepit and use it for a campsite when the grandkids and other kids are around.  Casey is, as you would imagine, the perfect person to camp with, taking care of everything from the fire to the rain-fly—and this one has a/c which we felt was a necessity for old folks like us.   

We’re heading up to Lafayette tomorrow, but won’t be camping just yet.  Looking forward to seeing Olivia and her parents. 

week-end wrap-up

HOT..HUMID…doesn’t stop us.  On Saturday, Donna & I headed over to Henderson for their Swing II Garden Walk  and visited 11 gardens.  We also stopped in the park downtown for some BBQ and to cool off a little;  their Blues Fest is going all week.  Here’s some pics of our favorite garden:

I love her petunia bed……… 

On Sunday morning , Casey and I drove over to New Harmony for their Antiques Fair.  I saw some interesting items, but did not buy…  Did I mention it was hot?  And that I sweat 3-4x as much as Casey?   I had a dreamsicle float and he had a pineapple milkshake at Pop’s, making it all better. 

The Antique Fair was on the street and inside the old gymnasium.

It looks like a busy week ahead:  genealogy stuff, Blues Fest, and a trip up to Lafayette to see the Casey, Jrs.

Stay hydrated, my friends. 

All together now?

Thank-you for following me!  I want to tell you all about my recent trip to NYC………

Sunday morning tap class:

Melissa sang beautifully at a recital that afternoon (tears from Mom) and we supped at Maz before she went off to sing a Mass.  Eric, Em, and I stopped by Merrion Square for a short snort, then grabbed the car, picked up Mel and we went down to the HighLine.  Remember when I went there in November?  It sure looks different now with all the plants in bloom.  I took tons of pictures of the flora and fauna, but you’ll have to check those out over at the garden blog.   Here’s some people pix:

From there we walked to Bill’s for a coldass beer.  It is this kind of backdrop that makes me feel like I’m on a movie set when I’m walking the streets of New York. 

The next day, we took Emma to school and ran some errands.  After school, she and her buddies (and her mom’s buddies) went over to the park and play, play, played:

On Tuesday, the City opened up all the museums along Museum Mile for free, closing off the streets for an Art Fair.  As we arrived, lo and behold, there was de la vega, an artist I have long revered (I have 2 t-shirts, that’s how much I revere him) chalking his art from 103rd down to 80-something where the Met is:

Emma picked up a piece of his chalk (he carried a bagful, and would hand it to the kids or leave it to be picked up when he finished) and began to do her own art all the way down the street (until her chalk was gone):

The finale was a sneak preview of  the St. Joseph end-of-school Show, to be presented next week, but kindly practiced on stage just for a visiting Grandma…thanks to Andermanis….

The songs were great and not your usual kids songs:  ain’t no valley wide enough, mamma mia, a very moving R.Kelly, and the best: All You Need is LOVE.  As they stressed the LOVE, they put their hands in the air…..I love Emma’s school.  I love her whole life, actually, and it’s so fun to watch and be a part of it!!